Artist Tomás Sánchez’s paintings of idyllic landscapes capture the meditative qualities of nature



#landscapes #nature #painting #trees

March 27, 2020

Grace Ebert

“Aislarse” (2001), acrylic on linen. All images © Tomás Sánchez

For nearly three decades, the Cuban painter Tomás Sanchez painted serene landscapes of calm waters and verdant forests full of towering palm trees and dense shrubs. Now part of a long series, his realistic works focus on the vastness of nature contrasting massive waterfalls and miles of endless treetops with an indescribable figure, who can often be found sitting or standing among the lush landscape.

In a statement, Sánchez explained how his meditation practice informs his work. “The interior spaces that I live in meditation are converted into landscapes of my paintings; the restlessness of my mind turned to shocks, ”he writes. “When I paint, I experience meditative states; through meditation I achieve union with nature, and nature, in turn, leads me to meditation.

For more projects from the Costa Rican-based artist, visit Instagram, and consult Artsy to see which quiet paintings you can add to your own collection.

“Orilla y cielo gris” (1995), acrylic on canvas, 23½ x 35½ inches

“Autorretrato en tarde rosa” (1994), acrylic on linen, 30 x 39 ³ / ₄ inches

“Llegada del caminante a la laguna” (1999)

“Meditación y sonido de aguas” (1993), acrylic on canvas 60.5 x 76 centimeters

“Atardecer”, acrylic on canvas, 109.9 x 149.2 centimeters

#landscapes #nature #painting #trees

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