Artist travels to fantastic places in exquisite oil paintings


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Sometimes the experience of looking at a painting can transport you to another time and place. And while most canvases are grounded in reality, artist Aaron Long prefers to create compositions that ignite the imagination. His series of carefully rendered oil paintings depict distant places inspired by the fantasy genre.

From spellbinding blue towns illuminated by the night sky to pristine forest environments, the artist travels through an array of different destinations, each of which appears fully formed in his paintings. Long uses traditional techniques to depict fantastic places as realistically as sites that exist in real life. Whether it’s foreign architecture or a new mountain range, he faithfully adapts these original concepts as he sees them in his head.

Based in Missouri, Long has been painting since 2013. “I discovered my love of painting through online tutorials like Bob Ross and Kevin Hill,” he told My Modern Met. “I also discovered my love for fan art when I tried to recreate [scenes and places] from the Lord of the Rings and Skyrim in my landscape paintings. Most of his work is based on fictional locations from video games, books, and TV shows.

You can shop for original artwork and prints through Long’s Etsy store, and keep up to date with her latest projects by following the artist on Instagram.

Missouri-based artist Aaron Long creates incredible oil paintings of fantastic landscapes and cities.

Fantastic Oil Paintings by Aaron LongFantastic Oil Paintings by Aaron LongFantastic oil paintings

Fantastic Oil Paintings by Aaron LongFantastic Oil Paintings by Aaron LongAaron Long: Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

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