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Nancy Flemming has been a business owner, mayor of Eureka, and executive director of a local nonprofit. These days, she’s an artist – an oil painter whose work can be seen in November by appointment at the Hall Gallery, 208 C St., Eureka.

The title of his show is “Adventures in Light – Landscape, Seascape and Skyscape”.

“I painted our beautiful Humboldt Bay scenes and I got really interested in painting small still lifes as well,” Flemming said. “I love paintings of ordinary, everyday things in our lives so that people can realize the beauty around them.”

Nancy Flemming’s Hall Gallery art exhibit is titled “Adventures in Light—Landscape, Seascape and Skyscape.” (Submitted)

Flemming – who has lived on the island of Tuluwat for nearly four decades – also enjoys painting pictures of birds found around Humboldt Bay.

“Since living in the bay, I’ve been surrounded by all the birds and I plan to do a lot more,” she said.

Flemming owned a business called Gourmet Gallery in Old Town Eureka. She later served as mayor of Eureka, city manager of Rio Dell, and executive director of the Sequoia Humane Society.

Along the way, she discovered the art world, painting first in watercolour, then switching to oil when she received oil paints and an easel for her birthday there. 20 years.

“I love painting my surroundings in Humboldt Bay,” said Flemming. “I also love capturing parts of our history, our wildlife on the bay, our incredible aerial and waterscapes. I’m inspired by simple things that are in front of us all the time – apples in my kitchen, cherries on their stems, oranges, onions. I love the idea of ​​really celebrating that beauty is all around us.

Pictured is one of the oil paintings on display at the Hall Gallery in Eureka.  The artwork is by Nancy Flemming.  (Submitted)
Pictured is one of the oil paintings on display at the Hall Gallery in Eureka. The artwork is by Nancy Flemming. (Submitted)

Flemming says she’s had “the real good fortune” of studying with “amazing and generous artists” over the years.

“I started with Michael Hayes and then studied with so many others, (including) Jim McVicker and Terry Oats,” she said. “Melvin Schuler was a wonderful mentor. I was able to study in Provence with Julian Merrow-Smith. He, like Michael, liked to paint still lifes. All of my paintings of rich color and light in a highball glass (are) a tribute to both of them.

She has also been involved in supporting the arts for many years serving on the boards of the Humboldt Arts Council and the Redwood Art Association and actively participating in projects through the Arts and Culture Commission from Eureka.

To make an appointment to visit the Hall Gallery and see Flemming’s works, email [email protected].


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