Atmospheric oil paintings capture the timeless tranquility of the ocean


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Many people find serenity in the vastness of deep blue waters and endless skies. Artist Eva volf expresses his long-standing love for the ocean in beautiful paintings of tranquil seascapes, white-cap waves and stormy beaches. Each of her works begins with a visit to the beach, where she takes ample time to conceptualize her art. After making the necessary preparatory sketches, she returned to her studio in Clevland, Ohio, to produce the final painting, using brushstrokes so fluid that water rendered in oil sparkled on the canvas.

Volf varies the format of her paintings depending on the part of the water she represents. Smaller circular shaped pieces, for example, are used to highlight immersive bodies of water. But for the atmospheric scenes of the ocean at sunset, she chooses long vertical canvases. By selecting this format, she is able to show how the transient colors of the sky are refracted in the smooth rolling waves.

Volf’s award-winning works of art were presented American art collector magazine and can be found in numerous private and public collections around the world. You can buy his original paintings on Etsy and see more ocean-inspired artwork by following her on Instagram.


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