Bushnell Park Carousel paintings on display at Hartford Library


HARTFORD, CT – The Hartford Public Library will feature Ellen Sinclair Junger’s paintings in an exhibition of Sept. 1 to Oct. 12 at the Downtown Library, 500 Main St.

The collection, titled “Carousel Memories”, features the hardwood ponies of the Bushnell Park Carousel.

Junger had a deep connection with the carousel throughout his life.

The original home of the Bushnell Park Carousel was Meyer’s Lake Park, a popular amusement park in Canton, Ohio, owned by Carl Sinclair, Junger’s father.

Junger always wanted to be a painter, and at age 18 she moved to Boston to study painting at Endicott College.

She then worked with expressionist painter Hyman Bloom after graduation.

Junger always had fond memories of the carousel, which she called the Merry-Go-Round, and it was a major inspiration for much of her work.

“Years later, the merry-go-round became the ‘carousel’ of my early oil paintings,” Junger said. “I had been inspired to paint because I wanted to capture the wonder and magic these prancing horses had for me. Then, after the Merry-Go-Round was sold in Bushnell Park, I repainted it, this time in pastel.

This collection of paintings by Junger was originally displayed at the Canton Art Institute in 1987 in a memorial tribute to his late brother George C. Sinclair.

After Junger passed away in 2021, his family donated the paintings to the City of Hartford and the Bushnell Park Foundation.

The Hartford Public Library will host the exhibition of these paintings.


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