Christy Lee Rogers reveals her amazing swimming pool photo-paintings


I crafted my vision of celestial bodies using models submerged underwater in skillfully crafted scenarios, photographed in my native home in Hawaii.

This connection between water and space is explored in a way that shows the beauty, freedom and conversely the struggle and complexity of the human condition (a recurring motif in my work). The two vast expanses are juxtaposed, their order and chaos, and the feeling of being infinitesimal, while feeling the wonder of being part of the universe as a whole. These emotions drove the ancient Greeks and other past civilizations to seek answers in the majesty of the stars.

The game of angels – the bodies of the models almost fold together, like the stars in the night sky. (Image credit: Christy Lee Rogers)

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The Celestial Bodies collection explores the human condition and the spirit through the gravitational structures of the universe. I explore the idea of ​​the two opposing but complementary forces into which the creative energy splits and whose fusion gives rise to the phenomenal world, with dual images that I hoped would transport one through time and space. space in a classic but futuristic world.

For over a decade I have explored elaborate scenes of otherworldly colors and intertwined bodies that celebrate the vigor and warmth of humanity. This project was a way to take things to the next level and let go of the material world around us; to imagine ourselves more than that.

I used a Nikon D810 and a 24-70mm f/2.8 and love the soft, silky natural tones in the final images. The models were in a swimming pool and I photographed from above to use the refraction of light between water and air.

Star Dust – Christy drew inspiration from the ancient Greeks and other past civilizations to create this epic imagery. (Image credit: Christy Lee Rogers)

Outer space and nebulae

There will always be a central concept around which I base everything and from there, I keep notebooks of ideas and technical reflections. For this collection, I was researching outer space and nebulae. Then comes the logistical part of planning the shoot, choosing models, costumes and colors. First the pool is planned, then once we arrive, we all just let ourselves go and explore how far we can go with these concepts. There was something magical about this period for me, where I really wanted to expand my vision and go into unknown territories. It was the first time I was interested in outer space, what happened there and how we were connected.

In Heaven’s Arms – Christy worked with ‘normal’ people rather than professional models, as she felt it gave more life and vulnerability to the shots. (Image credit: Christy Lee Rogers)

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Usually I shoot with “normal” people, rather than professional models, teaching them as I go. It may be difficult at first, but it’s what gives life and meaning to each image, because you feel what is real. And that reality is vulnerability.

You can see more of Christy’s amazing artwork at instagram (opens in a new tab) and she website (opens in a new tab).

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