Dina Brodsky recounts her travels in detailed miniature landscape paintings



#landscapes #miniature #painting #travel

Feb. 9, 2018

Laura staugaitis

Painter Dina Brodsky (previously) records memories of long-distance cycling trips in small circular oil paintings. Brodsky’s style channels the heightened realism of 19th century landscape painters; While the historic paintings were created on huge canvases that echoed the vast American landscape, Brodsky’s contemporary shot condenses the visual impact into a token-sized work that fits in the palm of a man. a hand. The artist describes the intention and scope of his work:

I like to think that the reason my works have grown so small over the years is that the painting itself is partly an act of meditation, of being able to keep something still enough in my mind that I can capture it. a picture. As it becomes easier to slip into this meditative state, the object I have to focus on becomes smaller.

The paintings in this series are visible until March 4 in the exhibition Lilliput’s bike guide at Pontone Gallery in London. Brodsky also shares his work on Instagram, and offers prints of paintings selected in its Etsy store. (Going through To create! Magazine)

#landscapes #miniature #painting #travel

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