Ekaterina Popova’s ethereal oil paintings provide a glimpse into the home’s warm and intimate interiors


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January 5, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Ekaterina Popova, shared with permission

Within the confines of a canvas, Russian artist Ekaterina Popova nourishes the calm and familiar atmosphere of the house. Her dreamlike interiors are composed of blurred edges and thick oil brush strokes that cast a subtle haze over every scene, and Popova’s warm, impressionistic style lends itself to the lived feel of her paintings: a quilt hangs on the floor. edge of a mattress, a book rests in the window as if it had just been placed by its reader, and the leftovers from lunch remain on a set table.

Often depicting her own bedroom and the spaces of her friends, Popova focuses on a range of textures like slatted floors, fur blankets, floral bedding and lush foliage, and natural light or the soft glow of a lamp that illuminates the stages reinforces their sense of comfort and intimacy. She explains:

For the past few years, I have been exploring interiors in my work. Interest began as a way for me to reflect on my education in Russia, but eventually progressed to explore the whole idea of ​​”house” and what it means to me now… My paintings include messy rooms, intimate objects and objects that refer to the human. presence without including the figure.

Currently based in Philadelphia, Popova exhibits paintings from January 6 to 29 at the Cohle Gallery in Paris. Delve into more of his work on his site and Instagram.

#house #oil painting #painting

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