En Plein Air – Outdoor painting exhibition at Arnim’s



The work of artist Jackie Hinkson is part of the Outdoors exhibition at the Arnim Art Gallery. – Photo by Sureash Cholai

“It is their use of shadows and reflections, the placement of light and colors that create the image rather than a painting of the thing itself.”

This is how Kirsten Rampersad, curator of En Plein Air, a group exhibition at Arnim’s Art Galleria, Tragarete Road, Port of Spain, described the work of the four artists in the exhibition.

En plein air is a French term meaning “in the open air” and is the practice of painting in the open air. This is what the artists Jackie Hinkson, Soundiata, Beverley Fitzwilliam Harries and Paula Cooper did to produce the 45 pieces of the exhibition, which will run until November 27.

Rampersad said the Impressionist works were “minimalist but very impactful” as each artist showcases their own style through various media, including mixed media, acrylic and watercolor.

The different artists also shared their thoughts on their own pieces.

Hinkson said: “When I first started painting a little over 60 years ago, my favorite approach was to work from direct observation of the subject, whether it was a landscape or a landscape. ‘a dead nature. My passion for this modus operandi has grown over the decades, due to the daunting challenges that accompany it. More than half a century later, my range of media, subjects, scale of work and methods of expression has broadened far beyond my expectations.

“Despite this, I am still determined to produce outdoor works, from direct observations, now primarily in the ruthless medium of watercolor. The works in this exhibition were almost all produced during the covid confinement period. last year or two. “

Soundiata decided to focus on working in natural light as much as possible with the aim of capturing the character and architectural features of the structures. He challenged himself to focus on the use of light and to be expressive in rendering his subjects.

Harries loved the outdoors because of the light and live viewing of the subject which she said was a refreshing change from photographs with their predetermined views and unfamiliar dark spaces.

Cooper said: “In my artwork I have tried to capture the true essence of landscapes and seascapes using the Impressionist style. It made me feel a sense of freedom and joy, because the world seems brighter when we create art and inspire others.


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