Gallery in the Woods to show oil paintings by local musician Bobby DiTrani | arts and culture


BRATTLEBORO – Gallery in the Woods is pleased to show oil paintings by Bobby DiTrani for the month of June with an opening reception Friday from 5-8pm as part of Gallery Walk.

DiTrani’s work focuses on themes of mythology, archetype and implicit storytelling, often with an environmental undertone. “Beautifully rendered figures full of energy and light in devastated landscapes. Drawing on past and contemporary influences, new myths are transcribed for our times. A climate of unrest depicted hovering among the natural world,” reads -on in a description of his work.

DiTrani’s formative years were spent in the former small logging town of North Bend, Washington, and the heavily deforested Pacific Northwest informs his work. He studied painting at the Aristides Classical Atelier at the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, then took to wandering. Often living in different parts of the United States such as Washington, Vermont, and New Orleans, DiTrani works wherever he establishes a studio. When he’s not painting or drawing, he frequently travels the country with his band, DiTrani Brothers.

In addition to his personal work, Bobby DiTrani has created images for bands such as The Resonant Rogues, Intuitive Compass, Mike Antone, Isenordal, Impulse Noise, Asymmetric Warfare and his own band, DiTrani Brothers. He also recently completed a project with poet GennaRose Nethercott and Ninepin Press titled “Lianna Fled the Cranberry Bog”, in which he created over 200 illustrations to accompany a series of narrative prose.

For more information, visit Gallery in the Woods, 145 Main St. in Brattleboro, or call 802-257-4777.


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