John Mellencamp will present an exhibition “Paintings and Assemblages” in New York


Famous singer-songwriter John Mellencamp has a double life.

The musician is also an accomplished painter, which proves once again with a new exhibition, Paintings and Assembliesin New York this fall.

Mellencamp will exhibit his works at the New York Academy of Art from September 29 to November 15 this year. More information on the New York Academy website HERE.

But wait, there’s more! Mellencamp will also publish the coffee table book, John Mellencamp: American Paintings and Assemblagesthis October 18 via Rizzoli New York.

“John Mellencamp’s art extends the American brand of expressionism… Free-spirited, his work strikes us.” said Dr. Louis A. Zona, a fine arts professor of Mellencamp’s work. “It’s not a work that feels around the edges; he is just as strong-willed as the best of the American Expressionists, with whatever period one might make a comparison.

An example of Mellencamp’s work can be seen below and can also be seen on the album cover of his latest album, Strictly a one-eyed Jack.

As his musical career flourished, Mellencamp began painting seriously in 1980 with an early affinity for portraiture influenced by the works of Otto Dix and Max Beckmann.

Its kinship with early 20th century German Expressionism, with its existential emphasis on the human condition, serves as the foundation for the development of Mellencamp’s astute “work”.

The heart artist’s large-scale oil portraits and multimedia pieces document America’s heart and soul, revealing disturbing but beautiful truths with a kind of anti-establishment frown, with a rich sense of story. Like his music, Mellencamp’s paintings are carefully composed through the structural demands of harmony, rhythm and order, and are thematically in line with the serious voice of the small towns of the heart.

John Mellencamp: American Paintings and Assemblages documents “the heart and soul of America” ​​with an “anti-establishment frown”. The book features 170 original works, essays by David L. Shirley and Bob Guccione Jr, and a foreword written by Dr. Louis A. Zona.

The next Rock and Roll Hall of Famer exhibition is curated by Dexter Wimberly, a famous American curator based in Japan who has curated exhibitions all over the world.

“Mellencamp is a very serious visual artist who has a lot to say about life and the times we live in,” says Wimberly. “I am delighted to have the opportunity to share his work with a new audience of art lovers and collectors.”

American publisher Bob Guccione Jr. says: “Although we know Mellencamp primarily as a rock star, one of the best sellers of all time and a Hall of Famer, he is also a great painter, as this book shows. . Not a musician who also paints… No, John legitimately belongs to the pantheon of modern art.

Photo by Marc Hauser/Sacks & Co


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