Landscape paintings on display in remembrance of deceased artists


A landscape painting exhibition featuring masterpieces by prominent Chinese artist Li Keran (1907-1989) and his son, contemporary artist Li Xiaoke (1944-2021), opened in Beijing on Monday , emphasizing the legacy of Li Keran’s artistic style.

A landscape painting exhibition featuring the masterpieces of prominent Chinese artist Li Keran and his son, contemporary artist Li Xiaoke, opened in Beijing on December 20, 2021. [Photo/]

A total of 70 landscape ink paintings created by Li Keran, Li Xiaoke and the latter’s students were displayed at Rongbaozhai, a Chinese calligraphy and painting workshop established in 1672.

Considered one of the most important Chinese artists of the 20th century, Li Keran is known for his traditional landscape paintings influenced by famous Chinese masters Qi Baishi and Huang Binhong.

In 1954, Li Keran began his tour south of the Yangtze River and created a series of landscape paintings there, many of which are considered important among the canon of contemporary Chinese painting. Some of these works were on display at Monday’s exhibition, including “First Rays of the Morning Sun at Beihai Park”, “Tiger Hill in Suzhou”, “Unique Rain Landscape” and “By the Lijiang River “.

Since the 1950s, Li Keran was also an influential teacher at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, where he taught a generation of Chinese artists, including his son Li Xiaoke.

Painting landscapes on the spot is the core value of the Li family’s painting style, and Li Xiaoke has been doing it for decades, especially during his more than 30 tours in Tibet since 1988 as well as some overseas places. .

This exhibition includes Li Xiaoke’s works created during his overseas tours, including “In Italy – Old Bridge in Florence”, “In Japan – Overlooking Mount Fuji”, “In the United States – Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco” and “In the United States – Tree”, which shows his exploration of new possibilities to inherit and develop the artistic style of Li Keran.

The exhibition also presented the works of more than 30 painters, all students of Li Xiaoke. Their paintings exhibited the legacy of Li Keran’s artistic style despite having diverse artistic perspectives.

The exhibition was organized under the academic guidance of the Chinese Artists Association and jointly sponsored by the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts, Rongbaozhai and the Li Keran Art Foundation, and will run until Dec. 27. After its conclusion, a series of exhibitions with the same will be held successively across the country.

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