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Marita Steinmetz Cheney, who sits on the Smith Mountain Arts Council’s board of directors for the SMAC Art Show, has her paintings on display at the MOarts Gallery at the Moneta / Smith Mountain Lake Library until January 29.

They can be viewed during library hours at 13641 Moneta Road, Moneta.

Cheney found her passion in the art world in 2009. She was first introduced to oil painting while living in western Tennessee. There she learned to paint in oils using a palette knife. When she and her family moved to the Washington, DC area, Marita seized the opportunity to learn from highly acclaimed artists. It was also at this time that she learned to paint in the open air or to paint in the open air.

Marita embraced the world of fine art. She took art classes and participated in workshops. She also read books and magazines, browsed art galleries, and spoke with artists. While working in an art gallery in Annapolis, Maryland, she mentally deconstructed the works of art on display. She explored the art world on many levels. Most importantly, she had time to put the brush on the canvas, and there she found pleasure in painting.

Marita’s favorite painting subject is the ocean. She never tires of watching the breaking waves and painting seascapes. She says watching the light play on the water is fascinating and trying to capture a moment in time with pigments is quite difficult.

These days, as her husband retired from the Navy and moved to Smith Mountain Lake, Marita can be found painting outdoors.

“My husband loves to take me on our boat and I paint local scenes from the water, most often the mountains,” she said. “I am captivated by the sunset light and the cloud formations above the lake. I have a deep appreciation for nature and feel very lucky to see life through the eyes of an artist.

Marita has found the joy of embracing the Smith Mountain Lake community and also exhibits her work in her Fabulous Finds space on Scruggs Road. She can be reached via her website at

The Moneta / Smith Mountain Lake Library is a branch of the Bedford Public Library System. Call 540-425-7004 for hours and directions.

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