Led by children, Kevin Peterson’s paintings find hope in environmental collapse



#animals #Kevin Peterson #oil painting #painting

September 7, 2022

Grace Ebert

“Steady” (2022), oil on cradled wood panel, 36 × 24 inches. All images © Kevin Peterson, shared with permission

Houston based artist Kevin Peterson (previously) continues to translate the uncertainty of today’s world into dystopian works with as much desperation as optimism. Scenes brimming with trash and urban decay find boundless confidence and life in children, who unflinchingly snuggle up to polar bears or swing atop a crumbling brick wall. Offering hope in the face of climate catastrophe and economic collapse, Peterson’s oil paintings are deeply personal, sometimes reflecting his own son and daughter as subjects. The artists tell Colossal:

I hope that future generations will be wiser, more empathetic, more courageous. When I watch my children, I always project my own insecurities and fears onto them, assuming they will suffer from my own shortcomings. I can’t tell you how excited I feel when I see them stray from those characteristics, and realize they’re not me. They are better than me in many ways, and that is what gives me hope for them and for the future.

Many of Peterson’s works shown here are on display until September 24 at Thinkspace projects in Los Angeles, which also some prints available. You can also follow his prospective practice on instagram.

“Cove” (2022), oil on cradled wood panel, 24 × 18 inches

“Stay”, oil on panel, 28 x 28 inches

“Fellowship” (2022), oil on cradled wood panel, 32 × 24 inches

“Company” (2022), oil on cradled wood panel, 32 × 24 inches

“Autumn” (2022), oil on cradled wood panel, 20 × 16 inches

#animals #Kevin Peterson #oil painting #painting

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