Manu Algueró’s captivating abstract paintings are meant to help Dubai culture lovers get their dose of art


Art lovers living in or visiting Dubai will have the chance to attend Manu Algueró’s personal exhibition at the Oblong Contemporary Art Gallery on Blue Waters Island. Entitled “The Art of Explosion”, the electrifying works of art by the Spanish artist, known for his paintings that express the beauty of change and new perspectives, will be on display from January 14 to March 7.

“His art is particularly important in this time of great change and chaos. The world has almost undergone an explosion of normal values ​​and traditional dynamics, ”said Paola Marucci, co-founder of Oblong Gallery, commenting on her work.

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to study a selection of 11 abstract paintings. Echoing American abstract expressionism, Algueró’s immense canvases attract attention thanks to a play of material, color and the gesture of the Barcelona artist in search of visual impact. The recipient of several accolades from art fairs in Tokyo, Oxford and Amsterdam uses an abundance of paint to create multiple textures and nuances, applying it with a spontaneity that is often subsequently scrutinized and altered. In addition to their technical vigor, Algueró’s works highlight his interest in the study of the human face, which is suggested by his very dramatic unfinished figures.

“One day when I decided to take big canvases and a lot of paint it just happened naturally, and that’s when I started digging into the material and exploring how to capture my energy on the web, how to embody my mood in a sincere way, ”explained Algueró.

About Manu Alguero
Always destined to be an artist, Manu Algueró studied at Art Academy Mataro before studying Graphic Design at IDEP, Barcelona and Art & Fashion at Central Saint Martins, London. He knew the best way to learn was to explore different cultures and interact with experts in his field. Algueró loved to sketch and explore his passion, and he aspired to be part of the artistic world. He also knew he had to find a unique style, something that would make him stand out, which pushed him to find his true calling.

Explosions have riveted Algueró since he was a very young boy due to the festive atmosphere created by the fireworks. And once he reached adulthood, Algueró continued his interest and began to explore the concept of the Big Bang. While experimenting, he really enjoyed the process of painting the explosions and felt happy with the results. Algueró tested the use of metallic paint and fireworks before combining plastic paint with larger fireworks. The discovery of this compatible combination for self-expression allowed him to reflect his moods in his paintings.

Another source of inspiration behind his explosive art is the family business Algueró, which involves the demolition of buildings. While most people don’t think destruction is a positive thing, Algueró believes that you can only build something new after destroying the old one.

The art of Algueró is part of the permanent collections of two museums in Barcelona, ​​the Museo Can Framis and the Museo Art Contemporani Espais Volart, as well as the Museo Can Mario and the Museo Palau Solterra in Girona and the Assilah Museum in Morocco .


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