Market Overview: Eser Gündüz’s Gesture Paintings Are in High Demand


Eser Gündüz’s gestural multimedia paintings generated serious demand on Artsy last week, with the number of collectors inquiring about the artist’s work more than quadrupling from the previous week. The Istanbul-based artist references many disciplines in his compositions, including scientific diagrams and architectural drawings, fused with abstract elements that result in structural examinations of utopias. This week’s influx of inquirers indicates the broad appeal of Gündüz’s retro-futuristic works and reflects his frenetic primary market demand.

The trajectory of the Gündüz art market looks likely to continue its ascent. Alongside his gallery exhibitions and commercial projects, the artist sells unique and limited-edition booklets that encompass a wide range of topics from mythology to artificial intelligence. Last month, Gündüz also unveiled an artist-designed cover for Ruinart Champagne. The white sleeve was filled with Gündüz’s signature indecipherable text and doodles. Gündüz’s work is currently on display in his second solo exhibition, “Backseat Adventures”, at Roman Sviridov’s, giving collectors the opportunity to acquire a piece by the rising artist.

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