METALLICA’s Ride The Lightning reimagined as a series of brutal oil paintings


After the success of the first album based on Metallica’s Kill’em All, by Colombian painter Felipe Mora TREAT THE AGONY 2 is back for another beautifully brutal collection based on the band’s second electric release ride the lightning.

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It will look like a vinyl record – but inside will contain eight 12×12 inch prints of pure visual violence and mayhem. Dealing with agony will become the perfect accompaniment to the music itself. Pour over the works of art as the music fills your ears, stick them on a shelf with all your other vinyl – literally limitless possibilities of fun are ready to be had!

60% of all Dealing with agony proceeds will be donated (with an initial donation of $1000) to the San Vicente Foundation Children’s Hospital to help improve the quality of care and life expectancy of children with cancer in Colombia.

Bangladeshi-born executive producer of the project, KroneMonkey notes “I’ve always been fascinated by album covers and their importance in enhancing the listener’s experience. The cover remains a vital space for grabbing attention, contextualizing a song, or telling the story of an entire album. So we wanted to expand on that idea – take iconic albums and give each song on the album its own visual identity. Felipe Mora set the standard.

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