Molly Bounds ART PLATFORM David Zwirner Paintings


PLATFORM, supported by David Zwirner, has proven to be an exciting new space to discover leading and emerging talent from a variety of creative disciplines. Recently, the art dealer added Rachel Hayden’s vibrant chain compositions, as well as William Wegman’s iconic portrait of his Weimaraner dogs.

engraver and painter, Molly Bounds, is the latest creation to feature work. Best known for creating moody scenes made of muted color palettes, the Denver-based artist depicts ordinary moments of domestic life in ways that highlight the complexity that underlies our daily choices.

Speaking on the subject of choice, Bounds is selling several new paintings that tackle the daily struggles of the masses regarding choice as both a freedom and an obstacle that people must overcome on a regular basis. In Yes, it’s me (Strut) #2, Bounds features a vibrant composition of a female foot confidently advancing past life challenges. The flatness of the painting can be seen as a mirror in which the viewer can look and do the same.

painting, with Yes, it’s me (Strut) #1 and worrying will be available for purchase through PLATFORM on April 1st at 8am EST. For more information on the artist, go to his Instagram page.

In addition, Jeff Koons will launch his sculptures on the surface of the moon.


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