Nelson artist throws his paintings in a shredder for charity


A YOUNG East Lancashire artist has destroyed the painting he spent months creating and all in front of a live audience – but it was for a good cause.

James Carter threw four works of art into a wood chipper in downtown Nelson on Saturday, May 14, as dozens watched.

James, 19, organized the performance art exhibition as part of his Nelson and Colne College ‘Re-imagine’ project, but also to raise awareness for an environmental charity.

James Carter

He now auctions digitized versions of the oil paintings to raise funds for Team Trees.

James, who lives in Nelson, spent around four months painting them and said it was “heartbreaking” to have them destroyed.

Addressing the Lancashire Telegraphhe said: “The day went so perfectly, I couldn’t have asked for a better time and I was also able to draw quite a large crowd of around 50 people.

Lancashire Telegraph: James Carter in Nelson Town Square James Carter in Nelson Town Square

“It was heartbreaking to destroy my artwork, but it’s for a good cause. However, the crowd wasn’t as upset as they all cheered when I threw them into the shredder.

“The audience really liked the idea of ​​it all. We spoke to a few people afterwards and they really liked the concept, the way everything was done and laid out.

The shredded remnants of the four paintings will now be epoxy resined to create a whole new work of art.

The paintings themselves are recreations of an old photograph, which depict a canal running through Nelson and Colne.

The various paintings show the evolution of time and its effects on the canal – before culture, during the industrial revolution and a future filled with plastic, waste and pollution.

Lancashire Telegraph: James Carter with his four works of art before they were destroyedJames Carter with his four works of art before they were destroyed

He is now auctioning off each of the paintings as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital versions of the original artwork.

The new owner will also receive a video of the painted and destroyed set.

As part of the project, James has also written a book called “Time To Make The Change” which teaches individuals how they can make a big impact to help the environment without depending on big business or corporations.

To bid on a painting, go to James’ OpenSea website:


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