New Sarah Morris Paintings Put Sound and Film on Canvas

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Photo by Charles Desmarais

Sarah Morris, “Five Seconds Away (Sound Graph 4)” (2017)©Parallax/Berggruen Gallery

Much like the late Ellsworth Kelly, whose hard-edged abstract forms were often derived from observations of cityscapes, Sarah Morris (b. 1967) is anything but a non-objective painter. His groundbreaking works were readable as brightly colored homages to the extreme geometries of modernist architecture.

An exhibition of recent work – his first solo exhibition on the West Coast – is on view at the Berggruen Gallery, 10 Hawthorne St., San Francisco through February 17. The new paintings are inspired by the graphic tools of sound recording. and filmmaking, which links them to a recent film by the artist shown in a lower-level gallery.

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—Charles Desmarais


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