Oil paintings by a local artist will be featured at the Cody Library


Powell artist Paul Kethley will exhibit “Legends of the Frontier” – a collection of 20 original oil paintings – at the Cody Library from September 1-30.

Kethley will host a reception in Grizzly Hall at the library on Thursday, September 17 from 4-6 p.m. A presentation of his major works will be followed by a discussion of his creative process and the storytelling of a painting. Light refreshments will be included.

Paintings on display at the Cody Library range from fighting mustangs to a Native American teepee encampment piece that recently won the Wells Fargo Award at the Cody Country Art League Community Art Show.

After leaving the commercial printing industry in 1989, Kethley said he focused on developing paintings that told stories.

“With the Western art market being so competitive, I have found it necessary to add a bit of storytelling to most of my paintings as it adds an extra appeal that is unusual for most fine art I come across. “, did he declare. “However, it takes more research, thinking and sketching time to create such pieces.”

As an example, he said Western shows often included paintings of bison standing in a meadow, “whereas my painting might show them running and the reason why might be a dust devil (funnel of dust blown by the wind)”.

“It adds the element of action, movement and what causes it,” Kethley said. “I believe it makes the piece more unique and collectible.”

Her creative process involves inspiration and imagination, then a simple charcoal sketch to record what is going through the mind. If this step proves promising, a small oil color mockup follows, he said, with more detail and an expanded color palette.

After many small adjustments to the model, the larger final piece is scaled and completed to include even more detail and refinement to all major paint elements. It includes planned breaks to objectively assess the progress of the work.

Since the early 1980s, Kethley has organized and led several private outdoor drawing and painting workshops in Colorado and Utah. He said he enjoys interacting with students, sharing experiences and live on-site demonstrations to help students overcome typical problems with landscape painting and the anatomy of animal and human figures.

Kethley’s work has been included in national Western art exhibits including the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Exhibit and the ‘Night of Artists’ Western Art Exhibit at the Briscoe Museum in San Antonio, Texas. Kethley’s work has been sold to national and international collectors, with her piece “Through the Slots” purchased as part of a permanent collection at the Pearce Museum of Western Art in Corsicana, Texas in 2007.

His work can currently be seen at the Bozeman Trail Gallery in Sheridan, the Cody Country Art League in Cody and online at www.paulkethley.com.


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