Oil paintings capture the intricate shadows created by folding fans


“An echo of light and lace”

Folding fans have a long and fascinating history as tools and works of art. Australian artist Sarah Park explores their function and beauty in her continuing series of oil paintings. Each canvas features a realistic human figure holding an open fan, creating an intricate pattern in the shadows that cover their skin.

Park studied fine arts at UNSW COFA in Sydney, where she obtained an MA in Art and an MA in Research. While there, she won awards in painting, drawing and photography. Her fascination with the relationship between light and shadow inspired her to create a series of paintings in which anonymous figures pose with portable fans.

These very realistic works focus on the subject’s hands, which open a folding fan to block the light. “I aim to spark the curiosity behind my subjects, through the use of carefully composed scenes that capture the intricate play of light and shadow,” Park told My Modern Met. His simple compositions enhance the magical effects of speckled light on space and the human figure. “I want to encourage viewers to see the beauty, to take pleasure in details that might otherwise go unnoticed, and to cherish and appreciate the quiet moments.”

You can purchase original artwork and prints through Bluethumb, and keep up to date with Park’s latest projects by following her on Instagram.

Australian artist Sarah Park creates exquisite oil paintings of people holding delicate folding fans.

Sarah Park Fan Paintings

“Wrapped in the beauty of dancing shadows and dappled light”

His canvases capture the intricate shadows created by the details of the fan.

Sarah Park Fan Paintings

“A spotted lace flower”

Sarah Park Fan Paintings

“Light patterns”

Sarah Park Fan Paintings

“Illuminating flowers”

Sarah Park: Website | Blue thumb | Instagram

My Modern Met has granted permission to show photos of Sarah Park.

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