Paintings by Holmes Smith, Eric Sloane, Gershon Camassar are in the EstateOfMind auction on October 15


Oil on canvas painting signed by Old Lyme Association artist Gershon Camassar (Conn., 1908-1995), titled Gallagher’s Farm (c.1950), one of five Camassars at auction.
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MIDDLETOWN, NY – Five pieces of furniture by Vladimir Kagan that once decorated Apartment 30 of the legendary Dakota apartment building in New York City, a vase by Pablo Picasso for Madoura and a book written, illustrated and published by Edward S. Curtis will all be part of of a two-session auction on Saturday, October 15 by EstateOfMind, online and live in the company’s Middletown Gallery.

The five pieces of furniture signed and designed by Kagan (1927-2016), the famous German-born American furniture designer, include three fabric sectional sofas and Lucite, an Omnibus (all circa 1940); a coffee table in glass, chrome and steel (circa 1969-70); and a zebra floor lamp in wood and Lucite (circa 1960-1970). These will be offered in Session 2, at 11 a.m. EST.

Session 1, starting at 10 a.m. EST, will kick off with guns, ammunition, and militaria — about 90 bundles in all. Session 2, around 11 a.m., will feature approximately 575 batches, with highlights coming from Warwick, NY in the heart of Manhattan. These will include fine art, mid-century modern, fine jewelry, coins, a collection of stoneware, sterling silver and more.

Online auctions are conducted via and (ID #11093).

The rare volume written, illustrated, and published circa 1913 by Edward S. Curtis (American, 1868-1952), titled North American Indian. Curtis was a photographer and ethnologist whose work focused on the American West and Native Americans. It was largely forgotten when he died, but interest in Curtis’ work has since revived.

Oil on Masonite signed by Eric Sloane (American, 1905-1985), titled Rainy Day/Sunshine (1950). Eric Sloane was a famous landscape painter, illustrator and author of illustrated books.
EstateOfMind Auctions

Also expected is Pablo Picasso’s Ceramic Decorated Vase (or Pitcher) for Madoura Pottery, 12 ½ inches high, executed circa 1955; and an oil on canvas signed by Old Lyme Association artist Gershon Camassar (Conn., 1908-1995), produced circa 1950/60, titled Gallagher’s Farm (circa 1950). This is just one of five paintings by Camassar up for auction.

In addition to the Kagan pieces, furnishings will include an 18th-century Hudson Valley cherry tavern table with drawer; a Davenport JG Stickley bed circa 1912; a modern Danish organizer’s cabinet around 1960/70; a set of twelve Chippendale-style mahogany and leather armchairs by Hancock & Moore; a pair of L. & JG Stickley armchairs; and many modern pieces.

Also on offer will be an amazing archive of material relating to the artist Holmes Smith (1863-1943), who was active in Missouri, was a professor of art at Washington University in St. Louis, and was known for his landscapes and paintings. marine paintings. The archive includes diaries, photographs, numerous watercolours, sketches and sketchbooks.

Holmes Smith’s watercolors include studies of landscapes and rivers from around 1900, some bearing his signature or the stamp of his estate. Other works will include an oil on Masonite signed by Eric Sloane (American, 1905-1985), titled Rainy day/Sunshine (1950). Eric Sloane was a renowned landscape painter, illustrator and author of illustrated books on the cultural history and folklore of America.

Pablo Picasso ceramic decorated vase (or pitcher) for Madoura Pottery, 12 inches high, executed circa 1955.
EstateOfMind Auctions

Also up for auction will be a portfolio of original watercolor plates for a book by Arthur Guptill (American, 1891-1956); and the lithographs of Alexander Calder (American, 1898-1976), best known for his kinetic mobiles; Joan Miro (1893-1983), painter, sculptor and ceramist; and Jean Arp (1886-1966), Franco-German Dadaist and abstract artist.

Jewelry and watches will include an Omega S/S Constellation wristwatch, circa 1950; a Benrus Sky Chief Chronograph; a rare example by BF Gorden (a watchmaker from Middletown, NY, size 18); and two platinum and diamond Art Deco engagement rings, circa 1940/50; and an Etruscan-style silver/14k yellow gold and red coral jewelry set. The silver will be highlighted by more than 75 lots, including pieces from Tiffany and Georg Jensen, and silver coins, some sold in large lots.

A stainless steel and glass cocktail table (#6730) from an estate in Warwick, NY will also be up for auction; and a large and rare Chinese figure in carved gilt lacquered wood by Guandi, 30 inches high, circa 18th/19th century.

Estate safes and vaults will include coins, jewelry, watches, silver dollars and silver half dollars, including Walking Liberty and Franklin halves, Mercury and Roosevelt dimes , Buffalo, Liberty and Shield nickels, hobo nickels, large coin lots and the Civil War. love tokens and more.

Session 2 will conclude with a collection of 50 years of HO and regular slot cars, sets and accessories; Hot Wheels (Red Line) and Match Box cars and equipment, circa 1960-1970. Comics will be represented with examples from the Golden Age to the Bronze Age (many in gradeable condition).

Session 1, starting at 10 a.m., will feature militaria and firearms, including a Browning Arms 28-gauge and larger Ultra XS model shotgun; a British Lee Enfield Mark III .303 rifle, ser. #M28159 (this is an “Irish” Lee Enfield); an unsigned 19th century Japanese Wakizashi sword, 23 inches; a rare Civil War colonel’s infantry color patch badge circa 1861; a Savage/Anschutz .22 caliber target rifle with a Simmons 6.5 – 20x scope.

Also on offer will be a military service archive for 1st Sgt. William B. Mason (1851-1859), who fought in the American Indian War under Colonel Cook during the Utah and Apache Indian campaign of 1854-1855, to include his personal rank and date ; and a box of ammunition, including the rare UMC Ballard-Marlin 45 Gov’t. boxed (17) and Winchester 45 cal. Model 1911 Frankford Arsenal 38 cal. 1912.

A live gallery preview will be Friday, October 14 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday, October 15 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. (all times Eastern), or by appointment. To schedule an appointment, call EstateOfMind at 845-386-4403. EstateOfMind is located at 195 Derby Road in Middletown. EstateOfMind will accept donations for the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington, DC

EstateOfMind was officially born in 2009 after more than 20 years of providing real estate services through a former company, American Antiques & Fine Art. Owner and President Darrell Dirr, owner of art, antiques and real estate sales businesses, holds a Certificate of Recognition. Mr. Dirr was nominated by the OCDSS for being a valued PSA community partner for 20 years.

EstateOfMind is still accepting quality submissions for future auctions. To inquire about consigning an item, estate, or collection, you can call them at 845-386-4403; or, you can email [email protected] To learn more about EstateOfMind and the two-session auction scheduled for Saturday, October 15, please visit

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