Paintings on display at Danes Hall


Winchester Academy speaker to discuss 19th century Skagen artists


Dr Michael Koehler will present “The Artwork at Danes Hall: The Skagen Painters of Denmark” at 6.30pm on Monday 15th November.

Hosted by Winchester Academy, Koehler’s program will be live and in person at Danes Hall, 301 N. Main Street, Waupaca.

Koehler, a day chemist, is passionate about the history of Danish-American immigrants as evidenced by his restoration of the Danes Hall of Waupaca.

Danes Hall was built in 1894, when Denmark was undergoing dramatic social and political changes and Danish immigration to Wisconsin was at its peak. According to census figures, over 50% of the residents of Waupaca in 1910 were Danish immigrants.

The Danish Skagen painters of this era reflected the social and political changes of Europe as they moved away from realistic paintings and adopted French impressionist forms of rural and seascape, including paintings of social gatherings and d ‘farmers and fishermen.

Danes Hall holds a historic collection of paintings by Skagen painters, representing the art and culture of those Danes who settled in Wisconsin.

The paintings are from Koehler’s personal collection.

Koehler will present a program, as well as slides, in the upper level ballroom of Danes Hall. After its presentation, viewers will walk through Danes Hall and enjoy a discussion of 19th century Danish artists, paintings and culture.

This program is free and open to the public; pre-registration is not required. The doors will open at 6 p.m. Unvaccinated people should wear masks.

Danes Hall of Waupaca is the program sponsor.


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