Paintings to raise money for charity


Two organizations are expected to benefit from Rudyard’s paintings of a man.

Anthony Podesta lived in the village of Moorlands for 48 years until his death in February this year.

Mr. Podesta, who ran a grocery store in Werrington for many years during his working life, had a passion for painting from an early age.

During his life he organized several very successful personal exhibitions. He started painting in his early twenties and it became his passion that he enjoyed all his life. Drawing inspiration from his woodland garden in Rudyard and the surrounding area, he was often found painting Peak District landscapes or river scenes. He also painted many seascapes, a particular passion for him during his vacations across the country.

Now his last exhibition, open to the public, is due to take place where more than 70 paintings will be on sale to the public.

Mr Podesta’s son Andrew said: “My late father was a well-known local landscape artist who has lived in Rudyard for the past 48 years. He sadly passed away in February of this year at the age of 83.

“He has organized several very successful solo artist exhibitions over the years at the Rudyard Lake Visitor Center, the proceeds of which have been donated to charity.

“Before his death he had requested that his personal collection of paintings be displayed and sold, with all proceeds going to BBC Children in Need (75%) and the Rudyard Lake Trust (25%). Most of the paintings are oil on canvas which was his preferred medium.

“There are around 70 of his works on display, all available for purchase at prices ranging from £ 50 to around £ 1,400, although most are between £ 200 and £ 300. Many paintings have special discounts because we want to sell as many as possible, especially since all proceeds go to such great causes – there really is something for everyone!

“It is hoped that the majority of the works will be sold during the period of the exhibition with the aim of raising between £ 6,000 and £ 8,000 for his chosen charities.

“Many will be sold at exceptional prices and this will of course be the last time that there will be an exhibition of his works. “

The exhibit has now started and will run through Sunday August 15 at the Rudyard Visitors Center between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

In the photo, Anthony Podesta is working hard with some of his paintings


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