Pennsylvania artist Mark Schreiber uses wine to create intoxicating paintings

CHALFONT, Pennsylvania — Incorporating a unique way of painting, artist Mark Schreiber helps his art stand out.

Using wine as a painting medium, he creates large-scale cityscapes of Philadelphia.

“I wanted to be an architect,” says Schreiber, who has never taken an art class. “So I went to college for architecture. I was always the best artist who had to design these buildings.”

From there, Schreiber fell in love with art and would pursue his passion in his spare time.

In 2012, it was during a Plein Air organized in a wine estate that he decided to experiment with wine as a medium.

“I won best in exposure and that’s when I realized I was going to be the wine artist,” he says.

Schreiber is loyal to the wine he uses which is a cabernet with a secret ingredient he adds that keeps the wine from wilting over time.

He says large paintings take about eight bottles of wine and 100 hours to complete.

Schreiber says painting with wine is very different from using regular paint because it’s a color that needs to be built up to create a darker color.

“Spread one coat, let it dry. Spread another, let it dry. This will paint your darkest areas of the paint 8-9 times.”

Throughout his paintings he adds a wine ring, which has become his signature.

“It’s something that intrigues people. They see me painting and they see me with a glass of wine, it’s like ‘do you use wine on the paint?’

If you want to know more about Marks paintings, you can visit his website.


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