Stunning landscape paintings that would look great in your home by artist Abbots Bromley


A Staffordshire artist inspired to paint on the death of his wife has produced a video showcasing his striking landscape creations.

Arthur Tindle, who lives in Abbots Bromley, has been painting for 25 years, but made the hobby a lifestyle choice six years ago when his wife died of breast cancer.

He enjoys painting mountains and lakes and has also successfully painted dogs and cats on commissions.

Arthur is also part of the Bramshall Art Group, in Uttoxeter and has posted a video on his YouTube channel showcasing his paintings.

He is very happy with the response of his virtual exhibit as it allows people to show off his talents from the comfort of his home.

The 76-year-old said: “Like many other artists, I was unable to participate in exhibitions last year and I missed that part of my life.

“That’s why I made a virtual exhibition video to help publicize my paintings.

I paint in a realistic style and my subjects are usually landscapes of hills and mountains with water often in the image like a lake or a river and I also like to paint seascapes with cliffs.

Loch Vaa near Aviemore Scotland painted by Arthur Tindle

“I always present my mounted and framed paintings as I see fit, that way people can imagine what they would look like on a wall in their own home.

“My wife was very supportive and accompanied me to painting salons and I really started painting after she passed away.

“Making the video a centerpiece took about six months and I uploaded the video as an unlisted video which means I have to share the link for people to see.

“For me, it’s not about selling the painting or making money from the video, I just want it to be something that art lovers can browse and have fun during these times of trial.

“Each painting takes about three weeks to complete from start to finish and it is true that it takes time and patience.

“Of course, I and many others would appreciate the opportunity to see the paintings live in a traveling exhibition, but given the current circumstances, this is the best way for me to showcase the work I have. made.”


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