Surreal Scenes and Pixelated Layering of Vintage Artwork in Hybrid Oil Paintings by André Schulze



#found photographs #oil painting #painting #surrealist

January 20, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images courtesy of Paradigm Gallery

Andre Schulze browses the dusty bins of thrift stores and private advertisements for vintage paintings and photographs created in the first half of the 20th century. The German artist restores found artworks, then dramatically alters them by working directly on canvas, layering each rendering with bold new scenes: an indigestible bookworm finds himself in a sea of ​​fish, a woman an elderly woman looks out the window to see a neighbor the house bursts into flames and a vintage portrait transforms into a feathered hybrid creature. Surreal additions are imbued with the artist’s distinct wit and humor that expand decades-old narratives or shape a rich, complex narrative in his original, non-vintage pieces.

Schulze’s whimsical paintings are included in Rescuea group exhibition curated by Colossal founder and editor, Christopher Jobson at Paradigm Gallery + Studio in Philadelphia. Examining how artists revitalize fragments of tradition and culture that were destined to be lost, relegated to the periphery or buried forever, Rescue opens January 22 with a live conference with Jobson, Schulze, Debra Broz (previously) and Yurim Gough – tickets are available at Eventbrite—and will continue until February 20. Take a virtual tour on Paradigm’s website.

Discover more Schulze overhaul parts at instagram and Singularity.

#found photographs #oil painting #painting #surrealist

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