Vancouver Artist Finds Success With B.C. Landscape Paintings


Sam Siegel of Sam’s Original Art only started selling his oil paintings on canvas and limited edition prints in 2016

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Vancouver landscape and abstract painter Sam Siegel, of Sam’s original art, achieved incredible success in a short time. Siegel only started selling his oil on canvas paintings and limited edition prints in 2016 and last year he made 1.1 million in revenue from sales.

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Siegel credits his success to being in the right place, at the right time, with the right art and the right business model. His father’s support allowed Sam to use his office space on Burrard and 2nd Ave in Vancouver’s Armory neighborhood as a gallery, without making any money for three years.

“We thought people would start coming to buy art, but that wasn’t the case at all. Nobody knew we existed, so nobody came,” he says.

When the pandemic hit, Siegel began honing his artistic skills and figuring out how to sell his paintings online.

“I started researching how to get people to my website, search engine optimization, Instagram, marketing and how to run ads on Facebook,” he says.

Siegel placed an ad in the local newspaper, and a number of people came to the gallery because of it, he says. In 2020, he sold his paintings around the world, including Hong Kong, Australia and the United States.

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Port Moody Inlet by Sam Siegel of Sam's Original Art.
Port Moody Inlet by Sam Siegel of Sam’s Original Art. Photo by Sam Siegel /PNG

Most of his sales are in Canada because the B.C. landscapes depicted, like Jericho Beach and Howe Sound, really appeal to locals, Siegel says.

Something that has worked well with his clients is layering different paintings onto a digital photo of the wall in their home that they hope to fill, he says.

“I show them different sizes and ideas. Sometimes they know which paint they like. Sometimes they need a little help deciding.

These days, people visit the gallery, but most of the sales happen online, through its website, Siegel says.

He learned how to sell online through Google searches and YouTube tutorials.

“I owe a lot of my success to just putting time into learning, implementing the steps, and creating a roadmap,” he says.

Siegel paints about two or three paintings a month. Canvas prints of his originals start at around $325 and go up to around $2,000 for larger sizes.

When asked what’s next, Siegel says he would like to establish manufacturing centers for his artwork across the United States:

“One of the challenges we face is shipping from Canada to the United States.

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