Video game exhibition in Berlin with 3D paintings to be demolished


From an image of the Hulk suddenly popping over your head to a painting that changes color, a street art exhibition in Berlin offers visitors the chance to experience 3D paintings.

Called “Game Over”, the exhibition inspired by video games is installed in a former casino of more than 2000 square meters (21,500 square feet) which must be demolished.

Eighty artists showcase their work here, with a dedicated app enhancing the experience.

“After all these dry months with the coronavirus and this, yes, dark world, we have finally created some color, not only in our lives, but hopefully in the lives of visitors and admirers as well,” Joern said. Reiners, a member of the artistic group The Dixons and one of the curators of the exhibition.

“We’re trying to bring together the right artists who will continue to develop and evolve creatively and ultimately create completely new layers and processes here. “

The Dixons held a similar pop-up exhibition in 2017, with artists covering the walls of an old bank with their paintings before the demolition crew moved in.

This time, the works stand out against a minimalist background.

But the special app allows visitors to point their phones at the images to find out what lies beyond the analog painting.

For the painter Gita Kurdpoor, the show “that we created here, together, is a bit like a school trip”.

Berlin is a hub of urban culture and its particularly vibrant street art scene has left its mark on many facades of the capital.

Tours are organized regularly so that visitors can discover the most emblematic images.

Most famous is that the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall is covered in murals, first painted in 1990 and then restored.

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