Weird paintings of notorious ‘Killer Clown’ John Wayne Gacy up for auction


A set of creepy oil paintings by famous ‘killer clown’ John Wayne Gacy could fetch thousands of dollars at auction after they were found gathering dust in a closet in a home in England.

The American serial killer made the sinister artwork of a terrifying skull-faced clown, Jesus Christ and the Seven Dwarfs while on death row in the 1990s.

The paintings were discovered at a property in the West Midlands region of England after the owners died, leaving a stunned son to make the discovery in his parents’ closet.

This painting by serial killer John Wayne Gacy, titled ‘Skull Clown’, is expected to fetch between $612 and $857 at auction.
Steve Chatterley/Zenger

The pieces, which are signed by Gacy, offer chilling insight into the warped mind of one of America’s deadliest serial killers. He sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago.

His twisted crimes are the subject of a recent Netflix series, Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes.

It was described by some viewers as one of the most disturbing documentaries ever made, while others said they were left with “tummy aches” watching the show.

Gacy was sentenced to death and was killed by lethal injection in May 1994 after confessing to 33 murders.

He worked as a performer at children’s birthday parties while dressed as “Pogo The Clown”, which led to him being nicknamed the “Killer Clown”.

He often promised victims alcohol and drugs to gain their trust, but he handcuffed them before killing them at his home on West Summerdale Avenue.

Hi Ho in Winter 92 Gacy
A Snow White-themed image titled “Hi Ho in the Winter 92” is expected to fetch over $4,800 at auction. It features the Seven Dwarfs against a snowy background and comes with a handwritten note from its artist, serial killer John Wayne Gacy.
Steve Chatterley/Zenger

A total of 29 bodies were discovered by police buried under his Illinois property while other corpses were thrown into the Des Plaines River when he ran out of room.

Gacy began painting behind bars while awaiting execution, and in 1994 his lawyer sold his works at auction.

Part was purchased and destroyed at a bonfire attended by hundreds of people, including surviving family members of Gacy’s victims.

John Wayne Gacy passport photo
John Wayne Gacy sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago. He died by lethal injection in May 1994 after confessing to the murders.
Steve Chatterley/Zenger

Some of the paintings have caused controversy by being displayed in galleries across America, but they are said to be rare to find in Britain.

The eerie artwork will now be sold by auctioneers in Mullock, Shropshire, west of England, where they are expected to fetch over $6,000 in an online auction on Thursday .

Ben Jones, consultant at Mullock’s Auctioneers, said: “These particular paintings are all from the same house.

“They were bought by the sellers’ parents many years ago and just left in the house for decades.

“When the parents died, they were found in the closet, with no further details or documentation as to where and when they were purchased.

“The seller had no idea the parents had them, so he was a little surprised when they met them.

“He thought they might have been purchased during his parents’ tour of the United States. Gacy’s works can be found quite widely in America, but it is rare to find his paintings here.

“I saw a Snow White themed one called Hello before, but this winter scene isn’t something we’ve come across before and might be rather unique.

John Wayne Gacy "Christ" The painting
John Wayne Gacy’s “Christ” painting is estimated at $183 to $300 at auction.
Steve Chatterley/Zenger

“They’re quite fascinating but are, of course, incredibly sinister knowing what this man has done.

“We’d like to know a bit more about where they came from, but it’s a bit of a mystery how these paintings got here and sat in a cupboard for so long.

“We have had previous paintings produced by serial killers that have sold out; there is a following for such items and they can often be desired.

“It is in many cases another form of investment, as these things can increase in value over time.”

The three tables are titled Christ; Clown Skull; and Hi Ho in the winter of 92and are all signed by Gacy.

The Snow White-themed image, which is expected to fetch over $4,800, features the seven dwarfs with a snowy background and comes with a handwritten note from Gacy.

It reads: “Enjoy this painting as much as I enjoyed making it for you, Best Wishes John W Gacy.”

The Christ the painting is estimated between $183 and $300, while Skull Clown should fetch between $612 and $857.

John Wayne Gacy "Christ" The painting
The painting “Christ” by John Wayne Gacy, signed by the serial killer, is estimated between 183 and 300 dollars at auction. Gacy noted on the back of the painting that he used oils for the job.

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